Last night in the shed I was talking to Alison about our forty acres and described it as a feather in comparison to other properties which were more like elephants. This is an analogy I first came up with in the 80”s as a young gun slogging micro brewed beer in Canada.

I get lots of ideas in the shed and some of them make it to one of the white boards and generally the ones I really like turn into domain registrations and fledgling websites. Elephant or Feather has not only made it to the white board and a domain registration; it has also been hosted and I have even written a brief which I will share with you for a logo and website design. This idea must truly be a feather!

Creative Brief

Looking for very simple illustration style to depict an elephant and a feather.
Would prefer them to be created from scratch rather then i stock.

Like the idea of working with black, white and orange.

Here is a quick background.

When I worked at Upper Canada Brewing we had the best, hardest working team in the micro brew business. Man we worked hard.

Every draft tap we got every promotion we secured we did through very very hard work. It was just like pushing an elephant to get the Upper Canada brand to grow. The second we took our shoulders off the big beast she would stop.

Then there was our competitor Creemore Springs brewery. They came on the scene just after Upper Canada in the mid 80”s in the early heady days of the Ontario microbrewery scene. Sporting just one brand the little ah shucks brewery in the sticks had no sales or marketing people. They did not need any because there was a waiting list to have the honour of serving their product. Somehow this brand was like a feather.

When I got fired from Upper Canada brewing on my way out the door I knew I wanted to start my own brewery and when I did it was going to be a feather. Two years later Steam Whistle Brewing opened its doors.

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