Black or White? Heaven or Hell? Elephant or Feather?

The problem with dichotomies is that things are rarely one or the other. Sometimes they are a bit of both. If the Catholics can create purgatory then it only seems fair that elephant or feather can have Dumbo: a sort of in between place to put brands and things that are neither elephant or feather.  While I am on a roll, having broken a Cardinal rule–referencing religion, let’s have a look at another topic that is taboo. Politics. Perfect timing too for an elephant and feather review of the  political scene in Australia.

Let’s have a quick look at the key leaders and their parties. Who ever said elephants can’t fly! Our first Dumbo is Tony Abbott. Not many would have believed he would be in the running for the top job in Australia. Next is Julia Gillard–it’s not too hard to vote her an elephant for her less then eloquent managing of the Labour Party. Finally for the feather. You have to put a feather in the cap of the Green Party for their clear ideology and you can give Bob Brown a tickle with a feather too–he should be grinning ear to ear with the heights his Green party is flying at.

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