The trouble with emerging networks like Foursquare is that users and big brands alike are having difficulty sticking with it.

Unusual to start a review with a conclusion but I just loved how mashable wrapped up their review of big brands using Foursquare that I had to start with it. As a branding & marketing consultant (recovering from a decade of mostly managing design and web development) the difficulty sticking with it line makes my day. In the over 200o projects my team and I at Bush Branding & Marketing completed at least 90% of them were a complete waste of time and money. The reason is simple. For the most part clients hired us because someone told them they needed a website, shopping cart or some sort of technical communications solution. Which they did. The problem in all cases was that clients did not understand really why they needed a website or what they were going to do when they had one.

When you dive into something new you have to have the commitment to give it a real go. Sounds a bit like marriage doesn’t it? Think about till death do us part when you sign onto the latest and greatest thing that will reinvent your brand and business.

With my preamble done its time for my second coffee of the morning and then I am going to sign up for Four Square and will review it below. Time for a cup of Joe.  <insert 60 minutes of kicking the edges off of four square and sucking back a presso espresso>

The foursquare paradigm has sunk into my cranium. I love it. Can see all sorts of potential for this social media application if you want to work it. I better get going–I have committed to some four square visits in Federal and Byron Bay. Follow me here.

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