Pondering some fine tuning or expansion of the elephant or feather concept. Of course I am. Below is a recreation of a diagram from the white board in the shed. I know its not as rustic as getting snap from inside the shed — but you have to keep some things private. Some preamble before you have a look. The current working name for the book is elephant or feather (hence the domain name). What came to me last night is that the idea is not about one or the other. Its about one and the other. Credit for this way of thinking goes to my leadership coach Kate Ramsay whose business is named after the And way of thinking. As Kate puts it…AnD Consulting is named for an and/both way of being in contrast to the either/or way our western conditioning taught us.

the elephant or feather paradigm drawing

Before I went and registered more domain names I spoke to Alison about where my thoughts were going and she summed it up beautifully.

“Its not about one being bad or good–they are just different.” Based on this I have just registered elephantandfeather as well as theelephantandthefeather. Any feedback on which domain name is best and which book name is best would be very much appreciated.

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