My brain has been cursed with my¬†metaphor¬†of elephant or feather. Frankly I have been stuck figuring out how to get some lift off with this idea. My latest “aha I think its figured out” was a few days ago when I came up with: riding elephants and blowing feathers. This captures the essence of harnessing the power of the elephant by riding it (instead of pushing it). As for the feather it’s about blowing them (not chasing them). More metaphors connecting this idea to traditional Push (elephant) and Pull (feather) marketing.

The answer you are looking for will generally come to you eventually. Quite often unexpectedly and out of the blue. Here is what landed on me yesterday. I have been working on Project Blaze with an old mate from Upper Canada Brewing and my daughter Kaleigh’s boy friend Jon Sturge (often referred to by me as 1/2 son). We have not got this project off the ground and typically I am getting a bit impatient. Yesterday Jon referred to Project Blaze as a bit of an elephant. This sparked something. Literally.

A rating and ranting system based on elephant or feather. Post an idea and then get people to vote the idea as an elephant or feather and if they wish to they can contribute a few short words as to why they feel that way.

Vernacular-Spectacular: “That’s an elephant of an idea–it won’t fly” ;”That feels like a feather–go for it”

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