It has been a while since I have had a chance to think about my shed inspired elephant or feather. Yes I know that does happen once in a while. However, some ideas just take a bit of time to get traction.

Ideas are not the only thing that can take time to get traction: Brands and products are like that too. One of our brands that has got traction and is in straight ahead and give er mode is the Presso. Over the last month our sales in Australia have gone through the roof. We achieved some serious lift off. Over the last twenty five years I have been part of quite a few PR hits that have turned elephants into feathers but I have never seen anything like this before.

A few months back we were contacted by a journalist who was interested in the presso. Our mate Jason let us know that this guy was  a heavy hitting Aussie journalist and that it would be worth sending him a presso. Alison sent one off right away. A month or so later he got in touch with us looking for some high resolution images. We could not get what he was after for a few reasons; a small lesson that we have learned from. There is allot more to the story which I may fill in one day as I turn this event into the first chapter of the Elephant or Feather book. For now here is a a scan of the article, which I saw for the first time yesterday believe it or not. A month after it came out. We have been so busy scrambling to get product and keep presso people patient that we did not have time to chase it up. Like all good things it eventually came to us.

Just to give folks an idea of the impact this article had (and continues to have) on the presso brand have a look at this graph extracted from our most excellent shopify dashboard.

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