For the last four years, we have been the exclusive distributors for the Presso Espresso Maker in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. The Presso has taught us a lot about espresso and the growing coffee culture. What a ride it has been on the proverbial 3rd Wave of Coffee!

It won’t be very long before we drop the ROK into the market in Australia. The agency that Presso HQ brought in to rebrand Presso has a great logo/icon that got me thinking that we have a potential Elephant or Feather case study in the making. This flying fish might be a good brain starter for a designer to do up an Elephant or Feather Logo too.

If a Fish could Fly

The Kindrid Agency has done a great job at getting the case study started. It won’t be long before the consumers get to vote on the new branding. Here is a bit of background from Kindrid on their thinking behind the ROK.

  • The challenge

    We needed to rename the Presso coffee machine, developing a new identity and packaging concept that would appeal to men who are into coffee and gadgets.

  • The solution

    We chose the name ROK as it is ownable, simple, and strong and created a roundel logo that suggests a quality stamp. It incorporates the male-oriented description ‘Kitchen Tools’ and a crossed spanner and fork, which aims to represent the meeting of male tools and kitchen tools in a deliberately amusing way. Our new metal packaging concept adds both premium value and a male-oriented appeal. The official product re-launch is in September, yet the US distributor has already tripled its order at a higher price. The metal packaging concept adds both premium values and again male-oriented appeal.

And now for the just released ROK video that will position the rebadged Presso as a must-have Kitchen tool targeted squarely at Men.

By contrast, this is a video for the Presso produced to show people how to care for and repair the Ecofriendly, Green, Hand-Powered Espresso Machine.

Consumer Voting on ROK vs Presso

Observation-Nov. 15,

Big discount = Bad for margins

Australia-Nov 24

ROKs have been in stock for over a week now, and after the initial pre-orders that had built up over 4 months, sales are below volumes for the Presso from last year. Initial reaction to the new name and packaging has been mixed.

Observation-Dec. 10,

More discounts before Christmas

Observation-Dec. 13,


How low will it go?

Observation-Dec. 14,

You had one. Hope the next one ROKs your world!

Love the product shot

Observation-Dec. 20,

Discounting into the New Year

Observations-Dec. 22,

Have we hit ROK bottom yet?

It would appear that the price in the shopping cart has been adjusted up for the latest and greatest deal.

Increase the price, and then offer a discount. Nice.

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